Floor-recessed benches

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– Flush with the floor
– Simple, fast and safe thanks to the device stopping the lift when it gets out of the pit to avoid damaging the underside of a vehicle.

– Raising by the rocker panel with rubber blocks or by the wheels with wheel lifting supports.

Folding rubber block supports independent from the clamp brackets

Two models of traditional sill clamps available

– Fast anchoring system that takes advantage of the body and chassis holes – available for many car brands.

– Three models of traction arm available: single horizontal rotation (6 TON) or double horizontal rotation (6TON or 10TON)

– The traction arm can be mounted on any point of the lifting platform and the pulling force is measured with the pressure gauge coming as standard.

– Several optional accessories available according to customer needs

– Mechanical / hydraulic / electrical safety devices compliant with the EN 1493 Standard.